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Chief designer and loyal GEM car enthusiast. Dustin has been customizing GEM cars for over 17 years. He is well known in the industry and has single handedly designed and produced the majority of custom GEM rebuilds & upgrades you see on the internet today. Dustin is most recognized as the "go to guy" for all things GEM car related. It's fair to say there is nothing he hasn’t seen and his vast array of knowledge in the industry is something very few people ever get to retain. Dustin is wise enough to know the importance of surrounding himself with the very best in the industry; he personally hand picked veterans of the industry based off experience, expertise, loyalty and product knowledge. His team has remained by his side for 15+ years and has been rated best of the best in their respective fields. Let's face it... there is no team without Dustin. 

Dustin MacIntosh, EV Designs, GEM Car, Custom


Our painter has been in the automotive paint industry for his entire adult life. Having painted an uncountable number of vehicles throughout his 35+ years in the business, there’s not much he hasn’t tried... at least once. He specializes in multi color paint jobs, hand laid pinstripe lines, flames, graphics and tribal accents. He hand paints every car we build, using various airbrushing techniques to give shadowing effects and smoked accents. He's worked side by side with Dustin for over 15 years. If you can dream it,  he can bring it to life! 

Custom paint
Custom GEM Car paint
GEM Car custom paint
GEM Car custom paint flames
Custom Paint GEM Car
Custom Paint Gem car


Often thought of as one of the most important aspects of an open air golf cart style vehicle. The seating and upholstery are one of the first aspects of the car that catches the eye. That being said, our upholstery wizard is one of the best in the entire industry world wide!! Specializing in multi color, multi texture designs, diamond prints and various creative inlays; our seats are some of the very best you will find. He uses various techniques such as double stitch, cross fades and piping as well as company or team logos. Additional padding is inserted inside each of our seat cushions, giving them a slightly thicker appearance yet ultra comfortable feeling ensuring they will last for years to come. You will not see, feel, or sit on a better fitted golf car seat. Our upholstery wizard has worked exclusively with Dustin since 2005 and has done countless vehicles. 

custom upholstrey gem car
Gem car upholstrey by Elevate Designs
Elevate Designs GEM Car upholstrey
Elevate Designs custom upholstrey
Custom upholstrey GEM Car Elevate Designs
Elevate Designs gem car seats


Truly one of the most important characteristics of any vehicle is the suspension and drive train. Our fab tech is the most highly skilled master GEM technician in the entire world, making him an invaluable addition to our team. He began working on GEM cars back in 2000 and has literally tens of thousands of hours of experience under his belt. He was the first to design hand built lift kits ranging in size from 4”, 6” and 8” sizes. Dustin and our #1 fabrication phenomenon have been working side by side for 14+ years and have lifted hundreds of GEM electric vehicles, including generation 1 model cars, generation 2 model cars as well as the worlds only lifted generation 3 model GEM cars. All of our roof racks, custom golf kits, front pre runner bumpers, rear seat conversions, rear utility attachments, rear ski rack attachments, tow hitch receivers and nerf bar side steps are hand built. 

Rear seat kit by Elevate Designs
Rear seat kit
Elevate Designs rear seat kit
GEM Car golf kit attachement
Elevate Designs side steps
Roof Rack by Elevate Designs


Just about every vehicle we build receives a custom Bluetooth sound system and custom interior and underbody LED lighting. Our exclusive lighting and sound system installer has been rocking around the shop for over 10 years and has overseen countless builds. He designs our own wiring harnesses exclusive to each specific build and is very skilled at what he does. Not only does he specialize in accent lighting upgrades..... he also upgrades all of our factory lighting (headlights, tail lights, turn signals) with high power LED lighting and smoked lenses too.

Stereo GEM car
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