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This is a page designated for all of the kind words we have received from our past, present and future clients. Our passion to please not only shows in the pics we post but the words that mean the most. 

"When I ordered my 4 seat GEM car from Dustin and his team it took about 2 months to build - I had no idea how blown away my family and I would be. We take our kids to school daily and absolutely love it. Can't wait to order another. Extremely happy with the car and the process."
Edward and Jill from Kansas 

"The shipper delivered the car today at 3:00p.m. I was at work and didn't get to meet the driver but upon coming home I was shocked to see the car sitting in the driveway. The kids made me take them for a ride even though it was dark out. Went for ice cream and a quick trip around the neighborhood. The LED night lights were a huge hit. Everyone LOVES it. We can't thank you enough for everything."

The Parks in South Carolina

"Hey guys, My wife loves the GEM. This one drives so much better than the one we purchased from you years ago. You were right the GEN 2 models drive WAY better. So happy we also went with the lithium batteries!! The range and performance is night and day. Once we close on our house in Naples, my wife is going to demand another. Thank you again for everything."
Richard and Louise from Upstate New York


"Hello there. My Mrs. ordered one of your GEM cars off ebay. When we received the car we couldn't believe how much larger it was in real life compared to the photographs. I believe we will need to keep her off the internet for awhile. We love the car. It's perfect for getting her around the property. We love taking our dogs for a ride in the back and can't thank you enough for adding the puppy pad."
Malibu, CA


Sunset cruise in custom lifted GEM car.

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan from New York

"I had searched high and low for someone to lift my GEM car. I had found kits that seemed too complicated for me. I had spoken to numerous people who didn't want to do the research or even touch my GEM car because it seemed too complicated for them. People told me that the "larger wheels would kill my motor and ruin my batteries".  I had almost given up until I stumbled upon Dustin at EV Designs. It took me a minute to fully trust in the process but boy am I glad I did it. I have the sickest golf car in town. The golf course isn't too keen on letting me take it on the course but the turf mode seems to help. I can get up to 35mph on the streets which is plenty fast for me. The car handles better. It seems more stable. It is far easier to steer and turn and believe it or not it finally drives straight. 

When I was asked to give EV Designs a review I didn't blink twice. They are the only people to trust with your GEM car.

Dan from Seattle, WA

"I knew nothing at all about the GEM cars, other than my father owning one since 2001. I have a lot of fond memories of him shaking up the neighborhood in that car especially during Halloween. After inheriting it from my father, I couldn't just let it sit. I had never seen another GEM car and didn't really know anything about them.  I stumbled upon Elevate Designs through a google search and was shocked to see the seemingly limitless potential. I was impressed with Dustin's knowledge and appreicated his patience in educating me. I worked with him and his wife, Michelle on choosing my color schemes and seating options, then shipped the car off to have it done. 10 weeks later I received photos of my GEM and could not believe it was the same car. We have enjoyed it for the past year and have loved driving it. So happy with the Kevlar finish and the stereo system rocks. My only regret is not choosing the lithium battery, but definetly will be upgrading this summer. Just wanted to say another quick thank you Dustin and to your team for all you do. It's very cool and we love our car. My father would be so proud to see it today. We even submitted it in the Halloween trick or treat parade.

Eric and Debbie from Austin, Texas

Night out on the town. Sunset. Smiles. Street friendly NEV.

Mr. & Mrs. Mike from California

Woodchuck simulated hand painted GEM car.

HIDE YOUR GEM CAR KEYS!!! We purchased a GEM 4 seater from Dustin a couple years back. Our 14 year old son decided to take his car out without telling us. He turned the car on it's side. Luckily, no injuries but the car did not fare so well. Broken windshield, bent roof and lots of road rash. We reached out to Dustin for help and he arranged everything. He replaced the whole roof, repainted the car and made it drive like new again. The car looks and drives better today than it did when we bought it years ago (after it's crash). The added hidden kill switch was a great addition as well, even though I don't believe my son will try this stunt again. 

If you own a GEM car, we gladly recommend EV Designs. 

"Dustin and Michelle

Received the car today. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you both designing the colors and fancy seats. You guys really nailed it!! You were both very receptive to our ideas, wants and needs. The paint color is identical to my Dodge Charger.  We can't wait to take it for a spin and show it off around town. Is it ok to call you later so that you can walk me through the lights and stereo?  Thanks again man."

Gary in Sacramento, CA

Holiday fun in golf cart parade at Christmas time.

Mr. & Mrs. Dave from New Jersey

"My husband bought a GEM car and thought he would work on it himself. We live at the beach and all of our friends have golf carts. He wanted something different. Something faster. After a couple months of having parts strung throughout our garage and hearing him curse numerous times, I decided to do some research and stumbled upon Elevate Designs. They saved us. In just 6 weeks they had it done. Our GEM car is beautiful. Fast. It no longer makes a clunky sound. It's not bouncy any more. My husband is not stressed and our friends want us to drive to dinner. My husband was crazy to attempt this on his own. Elevate Designs was worth every single penny."

Linda from Newport

"We found Dustin and boy are we glad we did. We are a dealership based out of Denver, Colorado. We do not work on GEM cars. We took one in on trade. We thought we could fix it up ourselves but quickly learned that they were extremely different from the typical EZ-GO or Club Car style cart. We couldn't believe the finished product. 8" lift kit, custom flames paint job, upholstry so smooth like butter and it runs AMAZING!!! We are so happy and can't stop talking about the transformation. It doesn't even look like the same car. We are so proud. We don't want to let it go. We have decided to park it out front and can't tell you how many people stop by to ask about it. It's given our business a lot of traction and is a definite show stopper. Not too mention we just LOVE to drive it. 

Officially hooked!!"


When you can't help but to be brutally honest.
Only positive reviews.

Mr. & Mrs. Ricky 

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